INSTRUCTIONS: Hold each antenna insulator up to your monitor screen within the patented Perimeter of Power and maintain proximity for at least 10 seconds. The flashing ruby Boost Indicator assures you that DLL's proprietary Boost Transfer Technology is automatically uploading the toxins and downloading the dBs, which should HEAL! most insulators. Repeat as necessary, your results may vary. You may feel a slight tingling in your hand as your dogbone is restored to its original insularity. Make no never mind. This is only your imagination. Deluxe Luxury Laboratories and its agents are not responsible for changes in personal dielectric constants. Remember, the dBooster is not exactly a toy. Respect it as you would a Guidance Counselor, a Hall Monitor, a roll of caps or a claw hammer.

Share Your Incredible Results with fellow Dash!Chums

We'll publish all decent first-hand accounts of ham lives transformed by our new DLL dBooster, the only Internet cure-all not discovered by a Mom.

For example, you could tell us how its attractive decorator interface put you in a virtual mood to enjoy more dBs over S9, less QRM, not to mention flatter Abs and SWR.

Or you could tell us how the dBooster looks so real, you were tempted to unscrew the Executive Veneered Indicator Module's MIL-SPEC precision-mounted logo faceplate for a peek inside, only to discover that the virtual screw heads were already pre-distressed, right here in the USA!

Whoopsie. We'll have a word with Deluxe Luxury Labs' QA team, just as soon as they can pull themselves away from Telly's OnLine Peep Show Casino.

Listen Dash!Chums -- whatever you tell us, try to remember we can handle the truth, but we prefer not to. If need be, make it up out of whole cloth and edit with blunt-nosed scissors but please don't eat the library paste. (We know our Dash!Chums aren't mucilage-eating chumps, that's just boilerplate to keep the lawyers happy.)

Not feeling so creative? Pressed for time by pesky familial obligations? Sample vintage endorsements from ads for Gotham Verticals, Cloverine salve and Wallace Brown greeting card sales. Come on -- there's a whole world wide web of make-believe begging to be copied and pasted!

Send your story here.

Welcome to Early Tomorrow Afternoon's Ham Radio -- where else but Dashtoons?!

Let the Boost Phase begin.







"That was EASY!"
Mike N9BOR

dBoost morphed my
98 pound QRP radio
into a QRO monster...

"From the comfort
of my den I heard
a pin drop in
the Kremlin."


- Smaller but, uh, CLEANER

- Built it myself
and I love it!

- I like their food
and they are
very nice people

- 101% better than
the last version,
which I was
hoping would BE
the “last” version

- It’s got that
Made in America
From Americans,

look and feel

- Wow!

Ozzie Snick, KP0HIC