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Collecting QSL cards is one of amateur radio’s grandly traditional and deeply satisfying pleasures.

From DX stations to ragchewers next door, QSL cards are often funny, pretty, sentimental, goofy, sweet, wild and crazy, individual as the operators themselves, a source of pride and shared laughter, especially when custom-made, sometimes by the operators themselves.

Here at K1NSS Design, we’ve been a cartoonist since the '80s and crazy for QSLs since we were a kid ham in the '60s. Maybe you were wallpaper wacky too, or got the QSL bug much later. We started drawing custom QSLs a few years ago and by gee, have sold well over one hundred to date, to high-profile hams and smooth everyday operators all around the world.  And that milestone gave us an idea.

What if…just for fun and a few bucks profit, we designed an “official” authorized album/binder for those who might…just for grins…might care to assemble a personal collection showcasing the one-of-kind QSL cards of our international clientele.

Sure, if you’re a K1NSS client, our idea might have more obvious appeal.  But think about it.  For any confirmed QSL fancier, regardless of specific focus, here’s a chance to get started on the ground floor with the official full-tilt maximum provenance kit, collecting K1NSS “Art For Shacks.”

Are we serious?  You might say we’re a trifle tongue-in-cheek, just like many of our custom QSL cards and Dash! The Dog-Faced Ham cartoons.  That’s the light-hearted spirit in which we introduce our Official Collectors’ Album, which nevertheless is very real and available for purchase now from Zazzle.com.

We like to think this new wrinkle in QSL card history makes our discriminating clients rather rare and highly-collectible radio entities.  How rare?  Try one in two million hams worldwide. But then again, our clients tend to be pretty active ops and enthusiastic about paper QSLing, so all things considered, you got a shot, especially if you’re fast on the SASE.

Mind, snagging these rare bespoke QSLs is between you, the ionosphere and our clients. All the vagaries of amateur radio as usual apply and it’s all for jollies and no affair of K1NSS. Like, we just draw the cards and sell the binders…along with mugs, t-shirts and all the usual la-dee-doo-dah swag.  So please understand this is not some sort of dodgy scheme beyond the obvious lampoon of our silly brand for a spot of fun and speck of profit.

Here at the Collectors' Club, we’ll offer downloadable FREE copies of our Custom QSL catalog to tuck in your album, so you can track whom you’ve got and whom you need, stay tuned.

Also, we’ll have downloadable FREE copies of a list of our discontinued early QSL stock designs, that were licensed for life for personal/ham use to a swell bunch of operators who got us kick-started at the very beginning of this long strange trip of a cottage industry, so you’ll have a complete run-down of QSLs possibly out there that we’ve created.

Might well be other silly album stuffers too, including honor system endorsement certs, all for FREE, right here.  Are we (GASP!) making fun of ham radio awards?  If that were the case, you’d be shocked, shocked you tell us!


We opted for a big 2" capacity 3 Ring Avery Signature Series binder, so you won't be locked into a proprietary scrapbooker display sleeve format.

One very convenient option is clear standard three-ring display sleeves with pockets that perfectly fit four 3.5 x 5.5" QSL cards. Our recommended printer, KB3IFH QSL Cards offers these handy standard display sleeves, click here and now!

Finally, we’re sure you thrifty rascals realize you could collect our cards in any old dopey three-ring binder, so go ahead, float your boat!  If we were in it for the money, we’d do better selling salve and seeds door to door.  Still, we strongly feel our Official 2017 K1NSS Collectors Album significantly ups the fun.

And hey, not for for nothing, who knows how much it might increase the value of your collection? 

Yes, history will judge K1NSS “Art For Shacks.”

But years from now, when you’re down at the pawn shop, we have reason to believe the sharpie behind the counter is gonna look you straight in eye and say “You player you, you got the album!”

And then he’s gonna shake your cool damn hand.