"Our Altoid shack is so, you know, curiously depressing," whined Leopold Toroidal, one of amateur radio's two tiniest twin QRP operators.

"It just doesn't pop for us anymore," sniveled his brother Oscar. "That whole dismally Anglophilic, solar powered recumbent tricycle riding, brown rice eating, perpetual grad student groove is so macrobiotic for goodness sakes. Like, nobody's eaten brown rice since they pulled the plug on the last Mac LISA."

"Yeah!" Leopold stamped his little foot and played the Velveeta Ham Radio Guy TV commercial on his new NanoDroid tablet, the actual size of a cheapo low dose aspirin.



"Déclassé is very NextTech," sighed Oscar, the spunky little diapered hipster ham. "The Liquid Gold shack perfectly captures the Post-Ramen aesthetic, better suited to to our Forever Very Young Looking QRP lifestyle."


Beyond making a big stink, the twins have no plans to lift a single microscopic little finger to improve their situation.

"While we're both in our mid-fifties, we don't look a day over ten months old and we're counting on ill-gotten sympathy to carry the day, so we can keep working on All-Band QRP DXCC full-time without a lot of outside stressors," asserted Leopold and Oscar in unison.

"If any big hearted Old Mensch wants to step up, chair a fund-raising effort, purchase a Velveeta shack, acquire a site, make the appropriate mods and arrange a moving day at our convenience, please do so and don't hassel us with a lot of emails."