Ever wonder why so many amateur radio operators are so darned good-looking?

In the spring of 1947, so did California ham/beauty shop operator Mister X. After dismissing the usual suspects, including natural hobby selection -- the tendency of certain hobbies to attract better-looking individuals -- Mr. X identified a phenomenon sure to revolutionize the beauty business and eliminate the need for long stays at expensive spas with their imported burpless cucumber facials and fancy dancy Mesopotamian Mud Baths.

A check of his circle of ham friends revealed that those who spent the most time on the air, particularly on 6 meters, invariably sported the most radiant skin tone and perfect hair.

Clearly, RF exposure was the key.

In a matter of days, Mr. X cobbled together his first Short-Wave Helmet and for several weeks thereafter, it was katy bar the beauty door at Salon Mister X.

It didn't take long for word to reach the high-end health spas. Their patent attorneys quickly intercepted the beautician's application and terminally tied it up in litigation. Meanwhile, rumors began ciculating that Salon Mister X was about to be cited for cootie infestation, as well as selling 200 miles-per-gallon carburators without a license.

Not long after, Mister X shuttered his salon, claiming that he wished to spend more time with the Broken OM Net on 75 meter phone.