Every SWL, ham and conspiracy hobbiest knows HAARP, the sinister New World Order's weather control ground station up Seward's Folly way.

But as inospheric heaters go, HAARP is small fry next to BRUNHILDE... soon to be lofted smack dab on top of the world, Ma!

Tall as a whole bunch of Empire State Buildings stacked end to end, this Wagerian array will give the New World Order total global mind control capabilities.

They'll read your thoughts, your dreams and your lottery numbers, such that you'll never win any more than suits their plan to make everybody on the planet wear khaki slacks and blue oxford dress shirts.

Yes, the Matrix will be run like one big parochial school and that's the least of our worries.

Because besides being instrumental in the destruction of the individual, the Giant Opera Lady Antenna, when fully operational, will actually sing in that high weird way opera ladies sing, only so loud, she will annoy aliens based on the dark side of the moon, not to mention everyone on the face of the Earth, except our New World Order overlords who like that screechy stuff.

And don't get any ideas about storming the North Pole and tearing down BRUNHILDE because the New World Order is way ahead of you.