Weeville,DE -- Leopold and Ocarina Toroidal claim to be the world's tiniest, youngest-looking twin QRP operators ever. Their radio shack home is no bigger than a tin of mints because in fact, it was just a vacant Altoids mint tin until the little low power loving squatters barged in and made themselves comfortable, boasting more space than they know what to do with.

Leopold and Ocarina's picopint-sized radio gear fits in the palms of their very small hands, so there's plenty of leftover room in the shack for Leopold's collection of flea circus ephemera and Ocarina's cherry classic 1935 Head of a Pin.

"Folks often mistake us for tiny babies," says Leopold, but we're not, not, not!"

"No!" adds Ocarina, stamping her teensy-weensy footsie-wootsie. "We're tiny hams, tinier and younger-looking than the entire QRP community and our bid for certification as such is currently under consideration by the IARU."

The twins first took a shine to QRP when they discovered that ambient RF around any rig more powerful than 10 watts gave them prickly heat. "Needless to say, QRO was no-go for us," lamented Leopold, the slightly shorter QRP twin."It's not like we're fanatics or anything. We'd like to loaf along at full legal limit as much as the next ham, but when life hands you a milliliter of lemon juice, you make a smaller batches of lemonade."

'Our youthful appearance gives us no small advantage though, especially if someone is trying to track us down in a fuddy-duddy hamfest crowd," joked Ocarina. "We tend to stick out like bedbug thumbs."

The ops currently are scouting out new digs for a projected QRP Super station. Topping the list is a towering whiskey tin situated high atop one of Kyoto's most exclusive coffee tables, complete with detached Matchbox garage.

"From our point of view, a rooftop beam would be at 150 scale feet, affording us absolute QRP hegemony over the entire Asia/Pacific region," chortled Leopold, and maybe beyond, if we stack."

"We'd dominate," Ocarina darkly interjected. "We have bones to pick, we have scores to settle."

When not hamming, the twins find time for optics-free amateur microscopy, HO gauge train spotting, and what Leopold Toroidal likes to call "A little bit of this and that."