Special thanks to Andrea IZ2LSC,Team Keeper & Photographer of our Dash!DX Proxy, a Dash!Chum of the First Magnitude without whose generous indulgence and assistance this account could not have been produced. Grazie Mille OM!

Here's all it takes to energize your very own carry-on Dash!DX Proxy.

1. Click and Drag the image to your Desktop.

2. Print it on whatever size paper is convenient.

3. Alternately, just pack the file on your laptop, tablet...or phone if you have another camera.

4. When composing pictures, remember that context is all. People on radios with the image are key, but also the card next to colorful, interesting food,drink, flora, fauna, foreign currency, anything that links the flavor of your locale with your DX pursuits. While we likely won't use all you share, we want to check 'em out, card or no card. No naughty stuff, this site is totally G-rated -- Antennas, rigs, scenery all the usuals and hopefully the unexpected as well.

We might make up some little stories about what our DX Proxy did, but rest assured the joke will always be on on Dash! The Dog-Faced Ham. No worries. While it's mostly for jollies we'll give a good account of the facts as well and we'll do our best to see that it's a fun souvenir of your DX jaunt.

Still unsure what to expect? Let our TM1F report be your guide.