Editors note: In a Feedline first, we're introducing Dash! The Dog-Faced Ham's identical California cousin Splash! The Dawg-Faced Ham, who hounded our long-suffering Left Coast Dashtoons correspondent until the durn sixty dogBiscuits over nine pest was permitted to tag along and, uh, help bring you this report. Perhaps if we feed Splash!, he will go away.


Energy requirements for low power, low profile RadioSport operators are not only measured in wattage. On the heels of a recent, highly-competitive HF wireless event, the Embarcadero Grill in Morro Bay, California supplied us alternative ergs in the form of big time, butt-in-chair calories. Their fish and chip dinner is much like bagging a DX rhino after 3-hours in the swarm. The meal was ultimate satisfaction.

We know ham radio operators like adventure, and while Morro Rock is unseen in these photos, the looming Bay presence will whet your appetite for casual, nearly offshore ops. Not quite an Island on the Air, the so-called rock is part of a chain of extinct volcanic cones known as the Seven Sisters.

Will Splash transmit a signal from the rarefied air of Morro Rock in the future? We'll see...IF we can we can pry him from the bar.

Editors note: Yo Yaesu! Yo Icom! Yo Kenwood! If one of you will kindly stuff a wild Willys with radios, and book the Surfaris plus a guest appearance by Dick Dale, Ultimate King of the Surf Guitar, Splash! The Dawg-Faced Ham has informed us he will work DX for beach food and random hydration, activating Morro Rock as EVCOTA #001.


Panchos, Moondoggies, and BeachWest exist on Planet Pismo where Splash! shares airwaves with the locals. Tourism is a major source of revenue and Splash! is always willing to lend his mug for the cause. Surfing, on the other hand, sustains the line-up of locals like Oahu, Maverick, and Daddio. They are not ham radio operators although Splash! is not one for missing an opportunity at promoting the sport of the airwaves. Rather, the team enjoys a cross section of surfboards like hyper velocity short boards that rip or a soulful long board for hanging ten toes over the nose.

Perhaps Splash! will work out something in trade with the locals? He can show them what it means to rip up the airwaves for a cut of the action in the line-up with da' kine.


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