Next time your club is special-eventing at the local submarine, why not serve the perfect dish?

Introducing Albacore Wiggle.

This tuna cassarole's namesake is the USS Albacore, centerpiece of Albacore Park in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Built in our neighborhood shipyard, the Albacore is out of water, on display and open year-round to the public -- Naval history you can walk inside and grab by the helm.

Aside from its dual role as pioneering research vessel and cassarole inspiration, the Albacore makes an iconic contribution to the PCARC logo. Check out the Albacore radio room in this terrifc Trip Advisor review.

And plan to visit next time you pass Portsmouth on I95 Exit 7 north or south. The sub is close by with free parking and you just won't find another roadside attraction with more gee-whiz appeal.

Now, let's DIVE DIVE DIVE! right in.




Parts List:

dry egg noodles

tinned albacore tuna

tinned cream of mushroom soup

tinned peas

whole milk

potato chips

Directions: Follow any recipe for Tuna Wiggle. This list is based on a recipe found at Cooks.com among many others.The dish is open to wide and terrifying interpretation.

For those unfamiliar with Wiggle, it was popular American family cuisine in the 50s, 60s and...like the Coelacanth, that wacky Living Fossil, this classic comfort food just flat-out refuses to die.

Top that, Electronic Escoffiers!

If you have real or fanciful Radio Dinner ideas, recipes, photos, drawings and related ephemera, send them to k1nss@dashtoons.com.

Bone appetite!