This is a tremendous quaffing beer; I'm convinced customers are going to love Red as Hell Ale as much as they love X96… Gina was right!" -- Peter Cole, Founding Partner of Squatters and X96 fan.



This is the crew that fronts the the brew. Radio From Hell is an American radio program broadcast weekday mornings on Salt Lake City, Utah's KXRK 96.3FM, simulcast via a live internet audio stream. The show features hosts Kerry Jackson, Bill Allred and Gina Barberi and is produced by Richie T Steadman.



Loose the hounds!



The first batch of Radio from Hell Brew – “Red as Hell Ale” is officially on sale in Salt Lake City Utah at the BEER STORE and Brewery on 300 West 1763 South and Squatters Downtown!

For the the latest RFHTB bulletins tune-in to

Radio From Hell The Brew can be shipped to certain states. For more information, contact beer@

Only those individuals 21 years and older who drink responsibly need apply.



Tip of our K1NSS ham radio cartoonist headphones to label designer Sky Bitzer of Salt Lake City's wildly stylish and SmartSet popular Mandate Press.

Keep 'em Flying Sky!


Fun bottles,
Fine Business.

ire in the hole!

Firing-up a full gallon kilowatt RF amplifier or slaking a EWE-mungous thirst generated while stringing a thousand-foot Beverage antenna, we hams learn to appreciate certain bottles. And one thing we all learn quickly is that no matter how Fine Business a bottle looks, if its contents don't work for us, just lookin' good won't cut the mustard, Buster.

Same applies to craft brews. So you might say it's an ultimate measure of confidence in their product that Squatters Pubs and Beers and Salt Lake's X96 FM totally shot the moon when they named this red-as-hell ale and pasted on its doozey of a label.

No doubt Radio From Hell The Brew will turn every DJ's head, raise every Talker's voice, and bring a smile to every Face For Radio, Ham Operator and CB Rubber Ducky from here to the ionosphere -- never mind a DC to Daylight spectrum of fiercely-indy brew fanatics -- and maybe a few others who, have moicy, just wish Squatters named their newly rolled-out red-as-heck-ale anything but Radio From H___.

What fun.

But like we said, no matter what the babble, the brew must stand up to its radioactive name and infernal label or it goes the way of the Edsel* -- and that's nobody's business plan Elroy -- least of all the busy Beehive State's double trouble powerhouses X96 Radio From Hell and Squatters Pubs and Beers.

So there's electricity in the air.

Squatters and X96 Radio From Hell morning show partners in red ale are taking Utah by storm. Beer delivered to D.A.B.C. state liquor test locations are selling out in one day.

"Our first goal was to take over the airwaves; our next stop the liquor stores... and then the world,” proclaimed Richie T Steadman Radio From Hell producer and director of marketing.

While Brewmaster Dan Burick was exploring style options to add to the Squatters beer lineup, veteran Radio From Hell morning show host Kerry Jackson approached Peter Cole about working together to create an X96 beer. Squatters has produced numerous private labels that the public never sees. Private label examples include gallery openings, company parties, tradeshow exhibits, and fundraisers to name a few. The partnership offered the opportunity to co-brand a product the public could enjoy year round.

"We're absolutely stoked to be brewing Red as Hell Ale. It's another great milestone in our twenty plus year partnership with the brilliant, and oh so witty, folks at X96. What I would say… in fact I'm actually saying now… is Red as Hell Ale has a staggeringly delicious flavor profile. Really interesting malt, alcohol and hop flavors and aromas in perfect balance, resulting in what might be described as a slightly fruity disposition - much like Kerry, Bill and Gina. This is a tremendous quaffing beer; I'm convinced customers are going to love Red as Hell Ale as much as they love X96… Gina was right!" exclaimed Peter Cole, Squatters Founding Partner and X96 fan.

Cool stuff eh? That's what Feedline is all about, with major assistance provided by Dash!Chums all over the map.

Ham radio hobby aside, as a former, cue-the-eyeroll, WWII surplus Gates board, Radio Shack splicing block 'n dull K-mart generic razor blade broadcasting professional, mea culpa. As Continuity Director and Production Drudge at an archetypal, WKRP-esque 1970's 5KW AM'er -- I was personally responsible for hellish transmissions all my own, at this moment making their way past exoplanet GJ 1214b, just 40 light-years away, out where about the same number of listeners care deeply which downtown local merchants will be open every Thursday night until 9pm. So I speak with some authority that's far beyond its freshness date about the more poignant notes of branding genius crafted into Radio From Hell The Brew.

Okay Pops, shut up and Save the Beer!!!

On behalf of all radio's little people, our Classic Oldies Dashtoons Zoo wish all you crazy kids of both Utah crews the very best of Cheers!



*Edsel - 1950s slang for New Coke