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Drag'n Drop!

Here ya go all you protest kids...

Simply move it on over to your desktop and print yourself a genuine Dashtoons HamYoot Make-It-Your-Own-Damn-Self OLD MAN mask designed to render you indistinguishable at any Furshlugginer Geezer ham gathering.

It's like a Stealth Fighter for your face!

You can see out, but no one can see the callow HamYoot behind the mask. Go on, have fun, make up memories about Dayton in the early '60s when the parking lot of was nothing but a wasteland of busted-up asphalt and broken dreams. Watch all the old coots nod their white-haired noggins as you reminisce about the "Single Slop Bucket Boys," and those early days when DXCC was merely DXLVIII and Novice License candidates had to pass not only a Morse Code test, but an entire battery of exams to determine their overall fitness for sitting for hours on end in a dark, stuffy little room staring at stamp collections with dials.

Don't remember a blessed thing before Cartoon Network?

Not a problem! Neither do real Old Men. In fact, they don't remember anything clearly since last Tuesday, so you can make up stuff about Monkey Ward vacuum tubes and how Tesla invented the ON AIR sign and those dizzy senior tosspots will never known the difference. Before long you'll be one of the crowd, cackling along with the roundtable, poking your buddies' bellies and calling for another round at the club watering hole.

Of course, a good game face is only the beginning of your transformation from carefree Ham Kiddo to cranky Old Man.

So stay tuned to Dashtoons' HamYoot page for more hacks, tips, and invaluable skippy guaranteed to foster your vintage Inner Geezer.






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