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Some time ago, from a local postcard collector, I acquired a couple of QSL collections of local SK hams, one of whom was Barbara Lottridge, the former KA2EAY/NC2Q of Stone Ridge, New York, an active member of YLRL.




The cards number in the hundreds and offer a marvelous glimpse of YL QSL history from the 1970s and 80s, sent from likely a majority of states and not a few countries including some historic DXpeditions.



It's my aim to share some of that history here, as well as help promote current YL activities increasing all the time, as ham radio is swept along with the new Maker movement, robotics competitions and generally trending technical tide.




I'll post more images as time permits. I'm interested in adding YL commentary, brief or extended, on YL QSL art - about these cards specifically, or more comprehensive thoughts about the genre and changes over the years. Please write me.

Also, if your YL organization or group would like a permanent link on this page, or would like your special event promoted here, please write me too.


While the art varies from spot-on professional illustration to more homespun QSLs, there's a heartfelt thread connecting many of these cards.


This simple design punning on her handle is one of my favorites.






I was unaware of the YASME Round The World effort, in which, as this card states "As of 1984 Lloyd and Iris Colvin have worked half of the active amateurs in the world."



Love the radio lead worked into the knitting. Are the fish being cooked? Is she a nurse? Funny toon.



Note: It's difficult to see, but the code and call sign are printed to look, I think, like stitches that you can actually feel, adding a tactile dimension to a striking design. The specks are glitter.


Lovely illustration, could it have been drawn for the card?





Princess Muna al-Hussein was the second wife of Jordan's prior king, Hussein, and mother of its current king, Abdullah. She took this name upon marriage, born Antoinette Avril Gardiner. This card is from my second vintage collection, that of SK W2BLQ, a very active OM DXer. King Hussein's QSL cards were widely circulated , but Princess Consort Muna's is seldom seen.





More on the way....