Who says ham clip art must be authentic as American Cheese Food Product? Not us, by gum! Oh, some straw man might insist that proper ham clip art requires the verve of a safety filmstrip, the beguiling anonymity of an off-brand shoelace wrapper, and the twinkling animated GIF despair reflected off just-broken Christmas toys.

Still, we beg to differ.

Like, it's only ham radio clip art, right? Shouldn't there be room for a little laconic naïveté? A bit of happy-go-lucky primitivism? A doodle born of junkbox, of boat anchor, of flaked mica and old shellac?

Hey, why not, ya know? Life's too short not to give it a shot.

DASH!CLIPS is our continuing series of original amateur radio clip art free for non-commercial use by individuals and club publications. You're welcome to copy and paste these willy-nilly into family-friendly personal QSLs and non-profit amateur radio, swl and hobby electronics newsletters and websites. Any other use is forbidden, all rights reserved. No need to ask permission but it's always great to hear from y'all and see where in the bloomin' world this random stuff winds up. Just for fun for our mates near and far from Dash & me! 73 Jeff K1NSS

813 clip
Drake clip