All DFRC Members Now Officially Certifiable

As we mentioned, given an oath to use your powers for good, all who identify as a Dashtoons Free Radio Club Dual Member/President can obtain complimentary wallpaper attesting to their affiliation, suitable for framing by clicking this link, and simply selecting and dragging the full size certificate image to your desktop for printing.

Can't be bothered?

We hear ya. Your shack may already be plastered with legitimate certificates bearing testimony to your operating skills, public service and membership in recognized amateur and professional groups , and quite frankly, this monkey business is not the stuff of world class cred signaling.

Still, your DFRC Lifetime Membership/Presidential status might offer some whimsical shack decorating value, along with the likes of a honkin'souvenir lump of Hara Arena parking lot.

No worries.

Ultimately, we like to think Dashtoons Free Radio Club is not about a gag certificate, but rather a steadily-bemused state of mind, to the point of a Schrödinger-esque thought experiment, at once seriously unserious.

Nothing seems more roots radio to us.

Go back to the oldest timers, from Hugo Gernsback to Old Man Maxim, and theres no denying the line between fine business and monkey business was blurry from the beginning.

Welcome to DFRC. Maybe not for every wireless nut, but we gotta tell ya, our club house could be close as your heart.