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There's something about a whole lot of breakfast cereal that can take the edge off.

That's true whether you just came home from a bad workplace, woke up to a bad morning, or nobody answered your CQ QRP smack dab in the middle of a DX Test.

Yeah, cereal cuts you slack. And once those of us looking for a little found plenty in big bowls of cereal, the bigger the better, such that a major mixing bowlful was just the munchie ticket, the carbohydrate of last resort to get you through the night.

Well QRP Flakes, you got it easy now.

Because DashtoonsZstore now offers big bowls up to 40 ounces, appropriately and amusingly celebrating your ham hankering for flakes, pops, crisps, puffs... and/or kibble for your lucky dog too.

Cereal bowl, pet dish, let's not get bogged down in semantics. It's a carb containment of majestic capacity, your choice of large 40 ounce or medium 25 ounce bowl if you're keeping it light and trying to fly right.


We're the click that does the trick.




Now Baden-Baden Too!

For immediate release from Dashtoons' esteemed sponsor, Eulenspiegel GmbH:

Eulenspiegel Kneitlingen corporate HQ has announced the opening of their new Black Forest remote manufacturing administrative center in Baden-Baden, to more effectively co-ordinate workflow with gnome-based cottage industry deeper in the woods. This new facility, neatly tucked into Baden-Baden's Altstadt (Old Town) was created to better meet the uptick in demand for bespoke condensers spurred by the exponential increase of amateur radio licensing worldwide.

Darting like newts in the shadows of the Black Forest, tiny fingers work their magic with jeweler’s Muscovite, Meissen ceramics, Florentine papers, Galapagos Turtle Wax, Extra,Virgin Oil of Olay and the finest silver from the north of Spain.

Eulenspiegel Artisanal Condensers.

Ask for them and people will think you are cool.


Chat Show Gives Us a Buzz

Eric Guth 4Z1UG of the QSO Today Podcast, interviewer of Art Bell, W6OBB and many other hotshot hams took a break from the glitter n' glitz and got together with Lil'OM Lid, Kid, Space Cadet K1NSS for a change of pace.

Can you handle the truth about aliens?





DX has never been closer.

Proudly welcoming RemoteHamRadio aboard Dashtoons. Their Empire State HQ is just down the Hudson River from us and they have been among our ham corporate graphics clients. K1NSS will soon be QRV via RHR and we look forward to QSOing with many old, new and yet unmet friends around the world. Just what we'll do for wallpaper has not been decided, but we'll cook up something and will be happy to confirm contacts with everyone who includes an SASE with his or her card.



Arghh, What Mightst We Draw For Ye, Matey?

detail Buccaneers ©2016 KG4YBH with permission





Our Heard Mug Now QRV.

Yep, VK0EK is sadly QRT.

But our official expedition-authorized K1NSS Penguin Chow Line souvenir mug keeps on keepin' on at Dashtoons' Swag Site AKA Dashtoons Mall.

Imagine these little rascals waitin' on New One Soup all around your morning coffee or your late night DX-chasing cuppa caffeinated performance enhancer.

Big 15-ounce capacity, with a nice solid feel like all our other Dash!Mugs, these babies hang in for the long haul. Check 'em out now at our easy-peasy CafePress shop. And while you're there, take a gander at all our radio-based fun stuff designed by me, Jeff K1NSS, the joker who draws art for shacks.


Good Noose.

We're offering this handsome 2.5" diameter 2016 Dayton Souvenir gravy splash deflector at the same price paid by World Necktime QSO Party members as an exclusive Dashoons Mall deal for all Dash!Chums. What's in it for us? We make two bits on every button sold, a swell way to toss a quarter into Dashtoons' collection plate. CLICK HERE, GET YOURS NOW!


Hullo, you say, what's this World Necktie nonsense and what's it got to do with ham radio?




Let's look at the photographic record. From the beginning ham radio operators dressed like they where engaged doing something important.

That often meant suits, jackets, vests and almost always ties. Neckties, bowties, always with the neckwear those early ops, whether in the laboratory, the home shack, or taking to the Open Road selling Cloverine Brand Salve and earning swell prizes like a Columbia Roadmaster, or a portable station so small, it could fit in a bicycle basket. With pluck, luck, some clean corduroys, a warm houndstooth jacket and a stout knit tie, a smart fella could really zig n' zag. Hams kept it up until they came back home from the Big One, WW2.

Oh yeah, after that, executive types still put on the dog. But something was brewing and it wasn't the beer that made Milwaukee famous.


Slowly at first hams started dressing like they were cleaning out the garage instead of managing Herzian Waves. Into the 60s, radio catalogues tried in vain to maintain appearances, their necktied supermodels flashing smiles fake as simulated woodgrain.

Beyond the hot lights of professional photoshoots, ties became very optional


Fast forward to Facebook, 2015. Determined do something about this sad state of affairs, a motley crew of thinking hams established a Facebook Group dedicated to restoring civilization to radio shacks, and by logical extension, civilized behavior to the amateur bands themselves.

Hailing from all walks of ham life, they tied one on like operators before them, when giants walked the Aether and radio shacks were crowded with singular individuals obviously not brought up in barns.

Philip KA4KOE - AM Powerhouse/Thereminist

Job One? Get hams back in ties. All the other stuff, the monkey suits and associated trimmings, we determined was sartorial water over the dam. about as likely to come back, at least beyond the concert hall, as snoods and the A&P Gypsies.



Jeff K1NSS - ham cartoonist/boulevardier

Unquestionably, ties are the ticket. Simple, colorful, symbolic of respect for the civility of common public purpose, ties' kaleidescopic range of colors, fabrics, patterns and styles affords the wearer a near infinite palette for self-expression.

Lisa EI9GSB - DXer/Trendy

And make no mistake. YLs and Bon Vivants of every stripe are welcome as every Regular Joe OM. Bow ties, scarves, ascots, string ties, bolo ties, neckerchiefs, we don't sweat your style so long as you respect your fellow hobbyists.


What counts is being properly dressed for ham radio and radiating good will from DC to daylight. Drop by our Facebook Group World Necktie QSO Party and join us!




No Kingman, No Cry.

It's OK Little Buddy.

You're still DX and you've got a SAFE SPACE, where else but

Welcome Kingman Reef! Dry your tears, pull yourself together and rest your bones on a nice cushy Chesterfield in Dashtoons' Deleted DX Clubhouse.

Here, you're still full-fledged Country For OMs and YLs.

And soon, you'll have some very good company –  more old prefixes that don't cut it anymore with the DX hoity-toities, the damn lah-dee-do-dahs, the jellybeans with the long coats on, and all the rest of them ham Mandarins who think they're so big.

And as for you, Dash!Chum DXers, stick around.

A whole new DX award paradigm is evolving right here at – like, where else, huh?





We Do Book Covers!

As K1NSS Design, we specialize in ham radio graphics for lots more than custom QSL cards. When amateur radio authors need a splashy cover, they come to Jeff K1NSS, the ham who draws art for shacks. Ask Dan Romanchik KB6NU, author of the popular No Nonsense License Study Guides, and that shadowy ham guy noir Ward Silver NØAX, ARRL Contributing Editor and creator of maverick radio gumshoe Ray Tracy.