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While will remain open for the foreseeable future, we urge our Dashchums to check out all new for all-new ham funnies and fun.

It's Come to This.

After more than a decade of extraordinary growth and a lot of laughs, DASHTOONS is transitioning to DEEP DASHTOONSnew archive for our collection of ham radio funnies & fun that began accumulating in late 2005.

Same URL for DEEP DASHTOONS, slightly different mission, you need not change a thing.

However, we do hope you'll click and bookmark our ALL-NEW MAIN SITE, which is now functional enough to test your connection and poke around a little, remaining on standdby while we tie up loose ends.

Stay tuned! we'll kick up a fuss, when we're ready to rollout .

Our Custom QSL /Ham Graphics business will move over once the new site is open. K1NSS Design is business as usual here for now.

Yeah, DEEP DASHTOONS will be our attic, cellar, garage, crawl space, crypt, storage unit, bone yard, all rolled into one. Hey, it's nice to have a big mess to rummage once in awhile, right?

Well, maybe controlled chaos is a more pro-active goal, although come to think, that's kind of oxymoronic. The point is, one can't keep storing one's collection of Red Rose tea figurines, old wax capacitors, rusty coffee cans full of hardened putty nodules and six sets of grocery store encyclopedias in the living room without giving the impression of living in the past, no matter how in touch and engaged one might be.

Hullo, we'll get these Titannic deck chairs re-arranged in a jiffy.