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Arghh, What May We Draw For You, Matey?

detail Buccaneers ©2016 KG4YBH with permission



Welcome new Dayton friends!

Shortcuts provided above for your convenience:

Top one takes you to K1NSS Design for custom QSLs & logos. There you can access our QSL Porfolio and get a comprehensive overview of our ham graphic services.

The other shortcuts link you to our swag , books and free membership in our World Necktie QSO Party!







Below you'll find a gallimaufry of radio funnies and fun for the sole purpose of getting your HIHIs on.

And to the left in our higgledy-piggledy Olde Curiosity Shoppe of a menu, you'll find further ham monkey business of similarly scant socially-redeeming value.

Look back in the earliest QST magazines and you'll find all sorts of silly stuff and cartoons, a prevailing lighthearted ham spirit that has animated radio play since the very first dit and dah.

More than anything, that spirit embodied by the cartoons of Gil Gildersleeve, was something we wanted to share right away against the day we might ever grow up.



Lest We Forget

Our new feature, DAYTON NEVERENDING, will be a semi-everchanging visual shrine to the divine chaos that is Dayton – towards a workaday mindfulness of all that informs and nourishes ham souls daily all year 'round. We begin with this warmly fractal patch of fleamarket parking lot, where dreams are born and boatanchors are aweigh once more.



By Gosh, By Golly, By Gee.

Look at 'em.

All hopped up over ham sats, Raspberry Pi, and...Contesting?

Holy Mackerel.

Frankly, we haven't the slightest idea what ham radio did to attract all these Young Guns and New Blood. Like, here come lots more girls, and everything!

It's a miracle. Out of the blue, kids are again curious how things work, eager to learn Morse Code, studying hard to get on the air, wading right into an ocean of fussbudgets with nothing to do but complain about phoney phonetics and against all odds, the new kid hams are having a hell of a good time.

Let's hope this refreshing trend doesn't get nipped in the bud and replaced by yet another positive fad like eating all your vegetables or learning Latin or mowing lawns to earn money to help pay some family bills.

Until then, we hope the new kids on the bands will look to Dashtoons for a barrel of bleeding edge laughs and the all important novelty ham radio merchandise their elders have come to rely on since, well, it seems like ever since Judy and Mickey rallied all the kids to put on a show in the barn and their next stop was funky, funky Broadway.

Yeah, even the new kid hams' elders are pretty foggy about our pop cultural references, but in the heat of our current Retro Revolutionary Moment, it's our guess there's gonna be a lot of Wikipedia traffic looking up Allied Radio and the A&P Gypsies and we'll do our best to encourage that trend, by gee!


Full Spectrum Shortwave

Lotta shortwaves over the dam since gramps' radio hero Billy Hallicrafters
was listening for bad luck 'n trouble.

This century SWLs watch panoramic displays and monitor a broad, modally-diverse spectrum the likes of which Billy never dreamed

That's why K4SWL brought The SWLing Post on line.

Thomas Witherspoon edits and publishes his full spectrum SWL hot spot with monitoring news and radio reviews read by thousands every day.

Tom K4SWL has been a boon Dash!Chum for some time and a K1NSS Design client to boot (Tom and I cooked up that SWLing Post logo up above). Moreover, we're both part of a new indy ham/SWL media mob that was born on the web.

Sure, we love Billy Hallicrafters' dear old radio heritage...but we're also out to make some radio media waves of our own, in our own time, with more spirited contemporary content and style you might be missing in dear old radio print.

So check out The SWLing Post. And if you're a hobby radio advertiser, well, you might consider just who's looking at know,lately.

Like, we don't know any radios that come with paper any more. But we do know a bunch that come with screens.


Note: Click here for an all-new Dashtoon every month in the K9YA Telegraph! Sign up for your free subscription to enjoy your advance copy of amateur radio's premier independent eZine delivered directly to you email box. Great personal, historic and equipment articles by hams, for hams, you rascals you know who you are.

Cream Puff

You get up at some ungodly hour, throw down some random coffee and hit forty miles of bad road to find that diamond in the hamfest rough. In your mind's eye you see it hiding, just beneath the radar of the sharpies, wiseguys and dealers already swarming when you pull up and you slam the door and break out into a sprint to that back table with the dirty old keyboards and stained Gameboys from beyond the valley of woebegone launrdomats. Original knobs, smooth tuning, lift the lid and..up pops the devil.

No, the seller won't break up the set. Nevertheless, he's willing to come down, oh, maybe 100%, but that's firm. And no returns on the brother-in-law. You try walking away, but the seller doesn't chase you. You find yourself drifting back, tryng to take the measure of the brother-in-law. Could he live in garage? Would he drink really cheap beer? Would he annoy the brother-in-law of your spouse? One more time, you run the numbers. One more time, your crocodile brain is talking turkey, and the rest is a blur.

WE might be riding with YOU!

Taking the bus to Dayton? So are we, hoppin' the 'Hound in New York, New York and riding 21 straight hours across the American heartland. Sure, we'll get out at rest stops, and try our luck with local repeaters while we stretch our legs. Maybe there won't be a lot of 440 action at 3am, but we'll give our IC-T70A dual bander a go!


DX has never been closer.

Proudly welcoming RemoteHamRadio aboard Dashtoons. Their Empire State HQ is just down the Hudson River from us and they have been among our ham corporate graphics clients. K1NSS will soon be QRV via RHR and we look forward to QSOing with many old, new and yet unmet friends around the world. Just what we'll do for wallpaper has not been decided, but we'll cook up something and will be happy to confirm contacts with everyone who includes an SASE with his or her card.





Our Heard Mug Now QRV.

Yep, VK0EK is sadly QRT.

But our official expedition-authorized K1NSS Penguin Chow Line souvenir mug keeps on keepin' on at Dashtoons' Swag Site AKA Dashtoons Mall.

Imagine these little rascals waitin' on New One Soup all around your morning coffee or your late night DX-chasing cuppa caffeinated performance enhancer.

Big 15-ounce capacity, with a nice solid feel like all our other Dash!Mugs, these babies hang in for the long haul. Check 'em out now at our easy-peasy CafePress shop. And while you're there, take a gander at all our radio-based fun stuff designed by me, Jeff K1NSS, the joker who draws art for shacks.


Good Noose.

We're offering this handsome 2.5" diameter 2016 Dayton Souvenir gravy splash deflector at the same price paid by World Necktime QSO Party members as an exclusive Dashoons Mall deal for all Dash!Chums. What's in it for us? We make two bits on every button sold, a swell way to toss a quarter into Dashtoons' collection plate. CLICK HERE, GET YOURS NOW!


Hullo, you say, what's this World Necktie nonsense and what's it got to do with ham radio?




Let's look at the photographic record. From the beginning ham radio operators dressed like they where engaged doing something important.

That often meant suits, jackets, vests and almost always ties. Neckties, bowties, always with the neckwear those early ops, whether in the laboratory, the home shack, or taking to the Open Road selling Cloverine Brand Salve and earning swell prizes like a Columbia Roadmaster, or a portable station so small, it could fit in a bicycle basket. With pluck, luck, some clean corduroys, a warm houndstooth jacket and a stout knit tie, a smart fella could really zig n' zag. Hams kept it up until they came back home from the Big One, WW2.

Oh yeah, after that, executive types still put on the dog. But something was brewing and it wasn't the beer that made Milwaukee famous.


Slowly at first hams started dressing like they were cleaning out the garage instead of managing Herzian Waves. Into the 60s, radio catalogues tried in vain to maintain appearances, their necktied supermodels flashing smiles fake as simulated woodgrain.

Beyond the hot lights of professional photoshoots, ties became very optional


Fast forward to Facebook, 2015. Determined do something about this sad state of affairs, a motley crew of thinking hams established a Facebook Group dedicated to restoring civilization to radio shacks, and by logical extension, civilized behavior to the amateur bands themselves.

Hailing from all walks of ham life, they tied one on like operators before them, when giants walked the Aether and radio shacks were crowded with singular individuals obviously not brought up in barns.

Philip KA4KOE - AM Powerhouse/Thereminist

Job One? Get hams back in ties. All the other stuff, the monkey suits and associated trimmings, we determined was sartorial water over the dam. about as likely to come back, at least beyond the concert hall, as snoods and the A&P Gypsies.



Jeff K1NSS - ham cartoonist/boulevardier

Unquestionably, ties are the ticket. Simple, colorful, symbolic of respect for the civility of common public purpose, ties' kaleidescopic range of colors, fabrics, patterns and styles affords the wearer a near infinite palette for self-expression.

Lisa EI9GSB - DXer/Trendy

And make no mistake. YLs and Bon Vivants of every stripe are welcome as every Regular Joe OM. Bow ties, scarves, ascots, string ties, bolo ties, neckerchiefs, we don't sweat your style so long as you respect your fellow hobbyists.


What counts is being properly dressed for ham radio and radiating good will from DC to daylight. Drop by our Facebook Group World Necktie QSO Party and join us!




No Kingman, No Cry.

It's OK Little Buddy.

You're still DX and you've got a SAFE SPACE, where else but

Welcome Kingman Reef! Dry your tears, pull yourself together and rest your bones on a nice cushy Chesterfield in Dashtoons' Deleted DX Clubhouse.

Here, you're still full-fledged Country For OMs and YLs.

And soon, you'll have some very good company –  more old prefixes that don't cut it anymore with the DX hoity-toities, the damn lah-dee-do-dahs, the jellybeans with the long coats on, and all the rest of them ham Mandarins who think they're so big.

And as for you, Dash!Chum DXers, stick around.

A whole new DX award paradigm is evolving right here at – like, where else, huh?





We Do Book Covers!

As K1NSS Design, we specialize in ham radio graphics for lots more than custom QSL cards. When amateur radio authors need a splashy cover, they come to Jeff K1NSS, the ham who draws art for shacks. Ask Dan Romanchik KB6NU, author of the popular No Nonsense License Study Guides, and that shadowy ham guy noir Ward Silver NØAX, ARRL Contributing Editor and creator of maverick radio gumshoe Ray Tracy.




It's On.

At last, we're going back to Dayton for real.

Announcing what may well prove to be one of the longer, stranger bus trips to the 2016 Dayton Hamvention, culminating in an event-long meet & greet at North Hall Booth 190, as a guest of Randy Dorman, KB3IFH QSL cards.

Please join us. Not to worry, we won't be in a Dash!Suit or anything furry, but fair warning just the same. As a Founding Bon Vivant of the exclusive World Necktie QSO Party Facebook Group0 we suggest that you may, depending on our whim, spy us out of our usual rough & tumble Alpha cap, or its equally uber alternate, our Wily Old Cedar Rapids Hand Collins cap. You see, not content with loafing along like other amateurs of a certain august age and important collection of radios, we prefer taking our HF couture game to the next level, in our very-very hoity-toity Hames cravat, the very same noose noblesse we wore, as a guest of our great friend Ken Edwards WA4SQM, to Dayton 2014's hotsy-totsy SWODXA Dinner.

All that Narcissistic buncombe and ballyhoo aside, we do look forward to to saying howdy to old and new friends, shooting the breeze, discussing custom QSLs and handing out signed free stuff while supplies last.

Speaking of old friends, among a big bunch we sadly missed last year was Chris VK5CP who was certainly our Dayton DX of the year! I'm glad to see Chris collected one of our complimentary special edition min-posters to go with his K1NSS custom design for both standard and eyeball QSLs.

This year, we'll be personally taking names for custom QSL work , no deposit wanted until we start your job back home, and Randy & crew will be right there to answer your printing questions and give you all the dope about his full line of QSL-related products.

Keep in mind, printing custom QSLs is just a part of what KB3IFH does with singular quality and dispatch for discriminating ops worldwide. See Randy's awesome archive of stock images, and learn how easy it is to transform your own photos into a knockout QSL design.

More about our wicked fun Dash!2Dayton Meet & Greet Heartland DX Bus Trip coming soon!


Sorry Shack Art Collectors,we gotta travel ultralight this year, so no Dash!Swag for sale at the Hamvention, but here's the workaround. Stop by KB3IFH QSL Cards' booth with any swag you buy beforehand from Dashtoons Mall on and we'll Sharpie sign it on the spot with a smile.