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Regrets, we won't make it this year, but thanks to major Dash!Chums, our colors will fly!

Step right up to Booth 105, where KB3IFH QSL Cards and WB2JKJ EDUCOM are sharing space and Randy KB3IFH will be handing out a limited number of our very limited edition 8.5x11 hand-signed & numbered souvenir miniposter prints. If you snag one, don't call Christie's or Sotheby's yet – they're way behind the curve on the Shack Art trend stealthily sweeping savvy collectors of ham radio graphic ephemera. Just tuck it away or discreetly display it next to your vintage Popular Electronics Registered Shortwave Monitor Certificate.

has printed many of our designs and Randy will have samples for your hands-on inspection. Whether it's custom QSL art, your own photos, or Randy's terrific stock art collection, KB3IFH QSL Cards will get you all squared away in short order, with unsurpassed service at a very fair price.

Randy has paired up with the remarkable WB2JKJ crew dedicated to helping hams turn excess radios into learning tools for kids and tax breaks to boot. Click on over now and see how you might kick in to help kids...and!



©2016 R. Holoch

KY6R - Guest Ham Artist

Hams are like icebergs. That funny little hexbeam above the roof can sometimes belie a giant ball of twine in the basement. Like, who would ever think an amateur radio operator would ever do anything kooky like hoard string, curate a collection of tin foil hats, or create enigmatic assemblages of found objects without securing the proper outsider art permits?

Then again, today's hams are not so much the Literal Larries of yesteryear. Some date, dance, and participate in outdoor activities amongst regular people. Some speak in non-technical similies and metaphors with unlicensed individuals and read stuff besides radio catalogues and QST magazine.

What's more, a small but growing minority of hams is expressing themselves in a variety of media, and the art world is beginning to take notice.

Here on the periphery of the art world, Dashtoons takes pleasure in presenting works by Rich Holoch, active SF Bay area DXer and behind-the-scenes sparkplug of the upcoming VKØEK Heard Island DXpedition.

Visit our HOOHA Gallery and experience this remarkable retrospective. Yes, who knows what's next? Crudites and Chablis served at at local radio club receptions? Grants to QSL card designers from the National Endowment for the Arts? Will Christo wrap W1AW in red chiffon? What if there's nobody policing the guest list and I get invited?

Goodness me. I better clean up my act. My gamey artistic black turtleneck is so covered with gravy stains, I'm gonna to have to get it over to Earl Sheib, whether it needs to be repainted for $99...or not.




This Little Ham Goes BIGTIME!

We just drew a new toon for's DXCC Approvals page and much appreciate continuing support from DXnews' publisher Al 4L5A. It's real swell to be aboard such a splashy, colorful DX site and if you aren't already a regular vistor, we hope you'll check out for your daily dose of worldwide DX intel!




Ancient Hamstory

Before there was ham radio, there was sorta-kinda ham radio, i.e. fun-with-electricity, as practiced by Ben Franklin, America's First Geek. He may have lacked for radios, but Ben made due just fine with Leyden jars, charged by means of a live cat suspended in a rubber-lined box. More importantly, OM Franklin invented the shack as well as the QSL card in between chasing the live wire Parisian ladies, tossing pots with his French revolutionary buddies and fulfilling his ambassadorial duties, essentially more the same first two duties.