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Just in time for Summer Blockbuster season, we present a rent in the fabric of the Space/Time Cartoonium. But if you're thinking wormhole, not so fast.

Introducing the Dingus, a creature with a face only the mother of a high school radio club member could love. Not exactly worm, not exactly earwig, this creepy crypto parasite bored through the hyperspace between completely different cartoons and broke through into Dashtoons. What's more, it would appear there will be, if not blood, at very least hell to pay.

It came from Distractionland.

That's home for sullen yet fetchingly recalcitrant YouTube and Facebook anti-hero Ransack Rabbit, the creation of Dash!Chum animator Xeth Feinberg.

Xeth also directed "Queer Duck: The Movie" for Paramount Home Entertainment, worked with Simpsons writer Mike Reiss on "How Murray Saved Christmas" for NBC Universal and contributed to Blue Sky Studios feature film "Ice Age," among lots more very funny stuff appearing on screens of all sizes.

Oh yeah, plus Xeth and I go way back to alternative comix days in the gritty student ghettos of 20th century Boston, so his professional accomplishments are essentially mine if you squint.

What's ham radio got to do with it?

Clearly, Ransack Rabbit, like most anti-heros, just needs a nice hobby to ease his tortured soul. So the Dingus Hole may turn out to be the happiest of accidents, because the Dingus might well return to his nest in Distractionland carrying the contagion that is amateur radio.

It's sweeping showbiz. Look at "Last Man Standing," produced by John Amadeo NN6JA.


If OM John (to whom I once sent an email) can convince Timmy Allen (from whom I once received a QSL card) to get his ham license for real, perhaps we can prevail on Ransack and Xeth to join the biggest thing to hit Tinseltown since Scientology. Telling you, S-Meters are the new E-Meter!

I mean, like, not for nothing-o Stella D'Oro, Marlon Brando was a ham. And Andy Devine. And...well, silver screen star Arthur Godfrey if you count The Glass Bottom Boat as a major motion picture.

Trust me Xeth. I just want to say two words to you. Are you listening? Ham radio.

Disclaimer: Aside from the haunting render of the Dingus itself, be assured Xeth had nothing do with Dashtoons' dodgy Dingus Hole "animation" above. That's strictly our mad skills. Check the original below from which Dashtoons' Loaner Dingus was sampled by generous permission from the artist, all seriously ©2015 Xeth Feinberg.





Daughter Landi Moolman with Malcolm Kriel, courtesy ZS6VL

Malcolm Kriel ZS4SM, SK.

ZS4SM was a popular member of the Sasolburg Radio Club and we became acquainted through the good offices of Andries Visagie, ZS6VL at that time SRC club newsletter editor, in connection with Dashtoons' first installment of our Feedline feature dedicated to ham radio food and drink. Malcolm allowed us to post his brilliant sketchwork introducing South African BBQ, AKA "Braai", to accompany commentary by Andries, among the earliest of Dash!Chums about a decade ago. Andries kindly notified us of Malcom's passing, and we offer our condolences to Kriel family and friends.

We love barbeque, what's more, Braai was all-new to us provincials, so you know Dash! and and I were tickled to get the story straight from hams on the ground. Here's a sample of Malcolm's chaming and witty drawings that we could not have been more delighted and proud to share in the ham spirit.

Click here or Malcolm's sketches to see our original Feedline.

Everybody nonchalantly texts and talks everywhere now, but I still get the biggest kick having radio pals all over a world that, in the old way, sometimes feels no bigger than my ham shack, thanks to heartfelt connections with distant kindly souls like Andries and Malcolm.







Dipper DX promo


It simply must.

One of our Norwegian logo clients was recently on holiday in Crete and took advantage of a great local deal on T-shirts for an upcoming Indian Ocean DXpedition.

For some discriminating DXpeditions, no other ham radio graphics seem to do but those by K1NSS Design. And apparently it's not about the scope or style of the great adventure, because Dipper DX is very different animal from another DXpedition client of ours – the 2016 VKØEK activation of Heard Island, the gang sailing on Braveheart and swashbuckling up a storm in the south polar Down Under of Down Under.

Yeah, the Dipper DX crew will be sipping umbrella drinks and taking dips in the pool between radio shifts in Australia's unspoiled paradise, the islands also known as Keeling, under the call sign VK9CK in March 2016. Click here for the whole cool Dipper DX deal.

From any perspective, it's all good. Especially when your hired graphics gun's ham logo portfolio includes everything from little volcanos named Big Ben to pudgy wee diving songbirds and tiger-toothed PL-259 connectors.

And we're quite affordable at that, so adventurers at every level don't need a NASA budget for one of our keeper classic logos. No kidding, 150 dollars by PayPal will likely do just fine. And we don't just draw something, drop it in your lap and send you a bill. We'll work together and get it right.

Click here and check out our logo portfolio. We're adding New Ones all time. Maybe that because at K1NSS Design, it's gotta be right.

It simply must.


Proudly We Sponsor

In addition to "Our Little Volcano" logo, K1NSS Design provides graphic support for the Heard Island Expedition.

It's flat out the biggest ham radio deal with which we've ever been involved. And yeah, I'm all ginned-up – feeling like a kid ham again, taking a break from the bands, curled up on a shady cool midsummer midaftertoon porch divan with a worn-out Arkham House library copy of H.P. Lovecraft's At The Mountains of Madness.

I'll be kicking-in a buckaroo or two as well, and really, if a whole bunch of us hams do just that, the Sleeper Awakes!

The Heard Island Expedition Fund Drive is all stoked up thanks to amazing donations by the Northern California DX Association among a host of other high-flying national and international amateur radio organizations, plus DX Angel contributors with Holy Mackerel level matching funds.

Yep, anything this far out takes a global village of shacks to support. It's all good. So hey, even if you're peanut whistlers like me and the dog-faced ham, consider joining us and kicking-in what you can, if only the cost of a frosty cold 807.

Get there from here.


RE: Rip Ham Winkle

Model courtesy of the Furd Agency.




RE: The Dream Lives!

Tales of Antarctic expeditions have been a staple of speculative fiction since the days of Edgar Allen Poe, Jules Verne and H.P. Lovecraft. At the Mountains of Madness, Lovecraft's masterwork novella, further inspired modern sf & horror writers and filmmakers including Pacific Rim director Guillermo Del Toro, whose star-crossed, forever delayed production of At the Mountain of Madness so frustrated Lovecraft fans, that one was driven to produce this faux trailer in the hopes of generating some momentum . Ain't bad for amateur, I'd say. In the novella, there are shortwave radios and Dornier aircraft, stuff of the early Admiral Byrd adventure. I gotta tell ya, this sorta pulp fiction is my cuppa tea in the extreme as a boatanchor-loving kiddo who probably belonged more in the 1930s than the 60s. I spun many a proto-Indy Jones fantasy staring into the luminescent orange dials of my Hammarlund Super Pro. Maybe this will explain a little why I'm so gonzo about Heard Island, the down under of Down Under.



Captain Midnight For President

Hams of a certain age will recall when one of our own planned to turn the White House into a shack. No matter what your politics, ya gotta admit the prospect of ragchewing with a real live OM-in-Chief at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was pretty exciting. And then, that was that.

Sort of. Senator Barry Goldwater K7UGA/K3UIG, before and after his 1964 presidential campaign worked many ops not including me. Yep as a lid, kid, space cadet and congenital Junior Birdman, I would have enjoyed it to the max, given Senator Goldwater's high-flying career that combined a wiseguy's wit with a knack for flying jet planes, including the SR-71 Blackbird I've heard tell. I wonder if he wore his trademark glasses on that milk run.

Recently, I learned that Major Dash!Chum David Hollander, now N7RK, worked Barry K3UIG in 1968. Here, David generously shares his account of that contact and its aftermath, originally published by The Central Arizona DX Association, which now holds Senator Goldwater's K7UGA call sign. David also graciously supplied his Goldwater QSL confirming the QSO. Dashtoons thanks N7RK bigtime for this wonderful story.



"I said DX, not DC!"

by David Hollander, N7RK

Not many hams know that K7UGA, Barry Goldwater had a different call which he used when he was in Washington DC. Barry answered my CQ DX in 1968 when I was demonstrating my ham radio station to a friend. I was in high school. My visiting friend asked me to talk to someone outside of the country. K3UIG answered my call and said name is Barry and I am in Washington DC. I was not aware of who I was talking to as I did not know about his K3 call letters. I returned to him with thanks Barry but we really want to talk to someone outside of the country so 73,

Three weeks later this QSL card showed up in the mail which my dad had brought into the house. He said " when did you talk to Goldwater?" My response was what are you talking about? And than he showed me the card. I remembered the contact and told him that I had been kind of rude to him as we wanted to work a DX station instead of a stateside station. I ran into Barry here in Phoenix in around 1997 at the local ham radio store about a year before he became a silent key and got a chance to talk with him for almost 45 minutes. I did relate this story to him and he had a good laugh over it! The Central Arizona DX Association of which I am a member has K7UGA (his former Phoenix call) as our club call letters now. He was a member of the CADXA. When he was talking with hams in person or on the radio, he was Barry, not Senator Goldwater.




Kid HAMemoirs

Some poignant scenes excerpted from "Lid, Kid, Space Cadet, The First Book of Dash!" available as an economical eBook from



"It's Going To The Shop."

Once upon a time, profoundly broken televsions were untimely ripped from living rooms. Parents said it wasn't the end of the world, but it was, in the most fundamental sense, until one day my trauma was eased by treasure.



"Wanna Dead Soldier?"

I kept it in a box with my sock drawer with rocks, shells, foreign coins and piece of coral with which I bored three successive grades of Show & Tell. In time, my burned-out tube collection eclipsed all my other specimens and bored one more elementary grade.


Youth Wants To Know.

Specifically, I wanted to know what happened when you dissected a vacuum tube with a claw hammer. When I finally acquired enough valves to spare, my forensic autopsies began.