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Russia and radio used to go together like Oreos and a nice tall glass of iced cold milk. Cozy, yet conflicting. Between the Cosmodrome, the Kremlin and good old Moscow Mailbag there was plenty intriguing about the old Soviet Union for those of us into shortwave. Of course the Cold War put everyone on edge in bad way, just as the Space Race captured our imaginations in a good way as visions of Baikonur and Belka & Strelka danced in our heads. Strange Days, huh?






That's what the bow-tied Dismal Science boffins at Wharton and Harvard Business School call it, but among rank-and-file traders on the floor, bulls and bears alike blame "the fish" and scream for bloody murder.

"THEM! Always the Roger-Roger, always the dots, always the dashes!"

Emotions are running high on Wall Street as wild market behavior is directly linked to ham radio, already reeling from viral internet rumors that the peculiar hobby will turn you into a silverfish.

President of All Hams Ima Noh-Silverfish quickly denied any connection between ham radio and a stock market gone kaflooey. The POAH also reprised his broken record act, extra-conclusively repudiating any suggestion that ham radio turned you into a silvervish.

"We get blamed for everything," he sobbed like a little schoolgirl. "TV interference. Voices on the home intercom. The antenna so ugly it curdles milk and spreads toenail fungus. And now this."




The President of All Hams struck back hard at rumor-mongers painting ham radio as a slippery slope and potentially family-unfriendly activity.

Flanked by an All-Hamerican mom, pop, daughter and son on the doorstep of their modest Bathtub, Wisconsin home, POAH Ima Noh-Silverfish wildly gesticulated next to their looming lawn rubber ducky, driving home his "Don't Fear The Fish" talking point.

"Ham Radio won't turn you into a silverish. Not you, certainly not your family, and most of all, not your little dog too. Never happened. Never will."

Sources close to the speaker disclosed that he was "Fit to be tied," but admitted that would take a lot of tie-wraps to snug-up around all those wrists, more tie-wraps than the All-Hamerican family had in the junk box back down in their drain trap themed shack.

Readers are advised to affix our attractive, handy, reassuring refrigerator magnet any place their family gathers and rest assured they'll come around any day now.

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By gee,  Smuttynose looks close enough to swipe with a red bandana if one were so inclined.  But right now she’s a New One for chasers from Aukland to Arkangel and  her ham T-shirt could not be more Isles of Shoals appropriate, the lightest low-key whimsy  for knocking about an oceanographic lab all summer long.

Her ham t-shirt, one of dash!discreets, don't you know.


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Sighs of relief rippled across Hamerica during the State of the UNUN Address, delivered by President of All Hams from GRRL HQ in Dashville, New York.

President Ima Noh-Silverfish firmly rejected widespread rumors that ham radio turned you into a silverfish. "No, no, no, no," pointedly argued the chief of executive, widely-considered to be the embodiment of amateur radio as manifested in an earthly form.

After the speech, "The Old Thing," as the president is affectionately known around GRRL's Palladian villa overlooking the Wallkill River, allowed that he could understand how "folks got the wrong idea about ham radio."

"Sometimes you're so engrossed by the hobby, you disappear to dark, damp outlying areas in the house and maybe not pay so much attention to personal grooming."

"Family and friends can catch an unflattering glimpse of you. It happens. And when it does folks might recoil in disgust, such that any suggestion they take up the same hobby as yours might seem repellent on the face of it."

"Whatever the source, we're determined to push this "silverfish thing" back in the shadows where it belongs, over by those dirty old baby food jars full of de-soldered carbon resistors with very short leads."



Are you the type, Slugger?

Have we got the T-Bomb shirt for you.

Whether your hamfest art of the deal is real hardline rock 'em sock 'em Shock 'n Awe or subtle Shucks n' Gee-Whiz, you may very well appreciate our frankly frank summation of the name of that tune.

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All right, all right, so you hated those damn pony-winning kids.

Like Jerry Seinfeld, we're not, you know, talking about a pony per se. This is like more of a metaphorical pony, in the form of a shorter, sweeter URL for our new CHANNEL K1NSS YouTube hoohah, once we reach 100 subscribers.

Seems like a modest goal huh?

Not so fast. In the interest of full disclosure, my actual mom has yet to subscribe. But if you pitch-in, maybe between you, me and 80--something others, we'll apply some social pressure on the woman, not that that's been so terribly efficacious in the past.




It'sAu Go-Go!


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