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For Fun, For Real!

No kidding, who sez an ad can't give you a giggle? We're thumping the tub for the very real Ozark Patrol short wave radio kit on behalf of designer David NMØS and his Heartland low powerhouse pals, the 4State QRP Group.

An accomplished 21st century digital engineer and spread-the-gospel amateur radio operator, NMØS was determined to reanimate ancient wireless magic and enthrall and enlighten Makers of all ages.

Available through 4State QRP Group, this NO SMT kit empowers almost anyone with basic soldering skills to build a rocking postmodern update of the classic regenerative receiver, the sensitive, simply marvelous set of wings that carried so many of us airborne.

Click on over to 4State QRP Group for all the good news about easy, accessible, make your own short wave adventure.

Ozark Patrol.

For someone you love, the way to spread some wings.

For you, sweet Déjà vu all over again.



It's Alive!

Our Wild Ones rollout for K1NSS Design is only a taste of video tub-thumping to come from Studio Dashtoons. As usual, we hope our ballyhoo at very least amuses you like a clown and in time will beguile you with mindless repetition and subtle use of weird alliterative tricks.





This startup ham club at LakeView Technology Academy in Pleasant Prarie, Wiscosin is doing GoFundMe drive and we encourage all Dash!Chums to click here, kick in and put these kids over the top!

Funny, but this bunch doesn't look anything remotely like our old high school radio club and that puts them way ahead of the game. Go LakeView!





HB Ham Hijinks! Our wiseapple Dash!Chums mark their second year of top shelf ham radio humor and we wish them continued success.

Meeting these casually well-dressed, impeccably groomed, hail-fellow-well-met, fresh-faced young media professionals aka the Noise Blankers, you'd never suspect they were also amateur radio operators, much less hobby radio niche satirists, but we can vouch that they're 500% All-Ham and may actually harbor some unresolved anger issues with appliance operators and lids who make 73 plural, so you know they're ones of us, by gee!

Hammin'...yet curiously human.

Click here and see the error of their web editor's ways, revealing a scandalous memo meant for HH eyes only!





©2015 SQ5STS



Here's the latest from our Polish ham artist FB friend Paweł Włodarczyk SQ5STS. To see more work by Paweł, click here for his Facebook page. Dash! and I are delighted to share Paweł's FB work. We encourage him to establish his own dedicated ham cartoon site and we hope you will echo our sentiments. Trained as a sculptor, SQ5STS sketches with a smart and light-hearted line that captures the fun ham spirit. While his style is contemporary, it's part of a cartoon tradition that goes all back to the beginning of ham radio, and we're glad to see it's flourishing like deja vu all over again.

So don't take no for an answer!

Tell Big Ham Media you want more cartoons, more cowbell and more silly stuff, because real hams do not live by fawning On Air sign reviews alone.



©2015 AJ9C with permission


Welcome to the Contest Club

Iguana Air Corps Contest Club, to be precise. K1NSS Design just completed a hot new logo for the club, along with a brand new custom QSL design for its Top 'Guan Midwester Tester Mike AJ9C. Check 'em out now on our QSL Design Page.


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Dash!Mug Buzz

Drink Like a Ham

Every shack needs at least one extremely official Dash!Mug Contest Performance Enhancer Delivery System.

Shoot, if you're a bona fide Multi-Multi-Mucky-Muck of a radiosporting competitor, you'll need a stacked array of our specialized lucky contest mugs. More Mults. More Qs. More Buzz. Null Murphy. We run the gamut of GO!GO!GO! when it comes to winning style.

And hey, if you're a World Class Contest Hater, our Lucky Contest Mugs are just the match to light your fuse and set off a truly thermonuclear rant.

But suppose you're all about homebrew ham radio? Check out our Hot Lead/High Voltage mugs and T shirts.

Pulling your hair out over that homebrew Altoid QRP Munchkin Monobander? Deal yourself a dose of courage with our Hair of the Dogbone shot glass!

So drink like a ham and collect what makes you smile.

At last, semi-sophisticated, non-generic, Thinking Ham's swag designed by a real OM artist going for broke on the bleeding edge of amateur radio novelty merchandising.

For real, he's me!


Here's lookin' at you.





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Citizen Ham splashCitizen Ham 01CB scratch 02

To be continued...

Sometimes, like Franz Kafka's Gregor Samsa, we discover things about ourselves that ain't pretty. While our hero Dash! didn't wake up to discover himself changed into a giant insect, he did suffer something of a similar shock above.


To his horror, he began to understand why he recalled a young attraction to outboard car radio reverb units. In the old days we kid hams ridiculed that kind of electronic toy as "CB." But man, those Lafayette Radio reverbs could really spice up some boring tunes. Of course, mounting one of those puppies on your bike handlebars would look ever more cheesy than the six-transistor duct-taped to your headlamp. And then, like the transistor, you'd have to take it with you inside the public library when you went back in the stacks looking for lost radio books. So the real stumbling block was convincing Dad to let you install one in the family wagon. Long time ago, right? Maybe, but some old fears and repressed anxieties have a way of festering just below the surface, only to manifest themselves weeks, months, or fifty years later.

And so our little story begins.








Just Add Penguins

We recently illustrated a news item spotlighting the latest scheme for activating Instant New Ones. Read all about it at Klown Time is Over – the most entertaining blog of major Dash!Chum and Diablo DXer Rich KY6R






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Distinctly Different PromoImage ©2015 WY9U used with permission - see Shane's complete QSL in our Custom Portfolio

About your QSL card.

Is this the year?

If you come around here much you've seen what we've done in concert with smooth operators all around the world. And if you're new to these parts, why not click on over to our K1NSS Custom QSL Portfolio and take a good look.

Our clients play a major role in designs we create. We couldn't begin to make it up. Many of these hams have done and do some wild stuff - from racing dragsters and flying jets off aircraft carriers, to keeping bees and hiking with goats to put Summits On The Air. And now their custom QSL cards show it .

Of course, more K1NSS Custom clients are everyday ops like us, who just get a kick from sending out QSL cards that tell something of their own stories in a bright, bold, fun and distinctly different way.

Get the big picture at our Custom Design Page.

This could well be the year your QSL becomes all about you.






EXCLUSIVE - Dashtoons claims to be under cyber attack by North Korean operatives, exactly like its identical cousin Sony Pictures, the extent of which is just beginning to rear its ugly headset according to Dashtoons' staff.

Off the record, an anonymous spokesperson asserted that images of GIANT HEADPHONES had been placed on Dashtoons' web page, part of a concerted effort to paint this Ham Headquarters for Radio Funnies and Fun as a likely buyer of the troubled Radio Shack electronics chain.

Reports remain unconfirmed, but sources close to the Dashtoons brain trust categorically deny any intent to aggressively move into brick and mortar retail and revitalize the dying brand with traffic-stopping, GIANT MAGNETIC HEADPHONES hung over the entrance of every store to attract customers inside like so many iron filings.

"That's crazy," commented Mad Money mouth Jim Cramer of the troubled CNBC financial network. "But you know, it's just crazy enough to work. Bullish! There, I said it!"


Amateur radio insiders are uncertain what and who to believe. Could it be a hoax of a hoax of a hoax – a kind of Giant Headphones Head Fake? Suppose it was an end run around the likes of Elon Musk and the other big money boys who don't like a crowd at their bottomfishin' hole?

Suppose Dashtoons really does become DASHACK?

Stay tuned...it's not over till the GIANT HEADPHONES are hangin' high!





Power Decluttering The Void

Since the beginning of radio, hams have been saving all kinds of electronic trash against the day it turns to treasure. Thing is, what's a ham to do if, for whatever reason, empty space has accumulated around your shack, instead of say, old, dried, and partially conductive rubber grommets, Fahnestock clips just missing that funny little tab in the slot that snugs the wire, or a molded-over 1958 QST with a cute poem in Strays?

Well, if too much space is what's plaguing you Punky, there are economical ways to stuff it with stuff you might normally take to the landfill. But don't try anything willy-nilly. Take a Tip from Dash! and by all means game the system.

Just don't go crazy, all right?