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Wishbook Thinking

Electronics have supersaturated today's world, such that holiday digital devices are on the cusp of becoming the new socks and underwear. Once, such swag, especially anything beyond dopey AM-FM-TV level, stuck out lavishly and grotesquely under the tree, more like something dropped off by an advanced alien civilization than a fat guy with flying livestock. So these idealized scenes came across to most of us crawling around in the conductive mud of real world electronic wacko birds just as surreal as they appear today.

The follow-up to Christmas morning was when Aunt Cornielle and Uncle Louis dropped by and you were prompted to haul out your haul and explain it to people for whom electronics had something to do with a fuse box full of pennies. You'd give your spiel and they'd look at you like a pair of goldfish waiting for their shrimp flakes.



Hammy Holiday Greetings!

Our 2016 selection is bigger than ever – all-band, all-Hammy Holiday options for all the ops on your list. Original ham art by me, OM Jeff K1NSS, not a speck of generic clip graphics or cookie cutter sentimentality...well, maybe a hearty dollop of hambone-headed sentimentality, but like in a good way, ya know? Click and enjoy!



Chapter The First

In sleepy Dashville, New York, since the early 1920s, the Goodboys Radio Relay League (GRRL) annually threw open the exquisite electrified gates of their vast Palladian manor/headquarters, playing holiday host to the town’s population of street urchins.

One year, bowing at last to fashion and Title 9, in a desperate bid to maintain their non-profit tax status, the GRRL extended the invitation to Little Match Girls, in hopes these ragged, shivering, pitiful YLs too might become active, tithing amateur radio operators, eager to divert ten percent of their street corner match sales to the higher purpose of diamond-encrusted gargoyles for the South Shack fountain.

As legally-annulled great nephew of the late GRRL founder Hiham Pugsley Dashbum, Dash! The Dog-Faced Ham always harbored no small holiday resentment over this affair, given that League stewardship should have fallen to him, but for some youthful indiscretions during the turbulent late 1960s.



While records remain sealed, Master Dash!'s indiscretions were apparently such that The Old Boy's graveside sensors indicated rollover rates redlining at 2400 rpm. GRRL board members seized the opportunity to annul young Dash! as League heir, and lickity-split transferred stewardship in perpetuity to Big Guns in Land's End Leather Bush Hats International, a discreet dummy corporation/DX resort in the Caymans. 


A rabid radio radical in his day, when not giggling or mouth-breathing, Dashiell “Dash!” Hammutt was contemptuous of The System and scorned working for, as he put it, “The Ham.” But as time passed, more and more he rued the day he turned his back on Great Uncle Hiham’s lavish amateur lifestyle, until his bitterness and crave-y for more gravy reached a tipping point.




Suddenly, perhaps once and for all in the Sargasso Sea that was his interior life, Dash! hatched his Great Notion.

He'd masquerade as an eager bearded Little Match Girl – to stealthily crash the GRRL HQ Holiday Open House and confront their shadowy Board of Directors in the soft, oriental carpeted underbelly of unchecked global hobby radio power.



A voice welled-up inside our hero, a voice of righteous rage, mixed with curiosity about what might be offered at the holiday buffet. He was jonesing for jalapeno poppers.

Tear down that wall! TEAR DOWN THAT WALL!

The voice screamed a little longer, caught its breath, and then, in more reasonable tones, suggested that if they were gonna crash the GRRL Open House it was time to suit up.


Stay tuned for the next exciting chapter of THE GATE CRASHER...where else but!












We got Stan, his bug & lil' COCOA TOO!

Our New One for WB2LQF and his logger/sweetie pie. We know Stan from our upstate New York hamfest scene and we're very pleased to have him as a QSL client as well as a longtime Dash!Chum.


Night Owls Unite!

Me and PA7MDJ like to keep late hours, just like the owl on Michael's new K1NSS custom QSL card. His feathers are ruffled because like all night owls, HE wants to be the one who shuts off the lights! Indeed we're a funny lot, but somebody's gotta eat those midnight snacks. PA7MDJ is our first Dutch client and that's ducky with us! What might we draw for you?






DX has never been closer.

RemoteHamRadio is a dogbona fide Dash!Chum and Hudson Valley neighbor. Their Empire State HQ is just down the river from us and RHR has been among our corporate ham graphics clients.

K1NSS is QRV via RHR and we look forward to QSOing with you and many more new, old and yet unmet friends around the world.

If you'd like K1NSS QSL wallpaper, just work us and please drop us an SASE with yours. We're good in QRZ.

We love QSLs madly and enjoy all we receive.


Heard Mug Hangs-In.

This VKØEK Souvenir Penguin Mug is still waiting patiently for you. Or maybe you already have yours, but what a swell hammy holiday gift to celebrate your DX buddies' ATNO of a lifetime.

Our official expedition-authorized K1NSS Penguin Chow Line souvenir mug remains very much available at Dashtoons' Swag Site AKA Dashtoons Mall.

Imagine these little rascals waitin' on New One Soup all around your morning coffee or your late night DX-chasing cuppa caffeinated performance enhancer.

Big 15-ounce capacity, with a nice solid feel like all our other Dash!Mugs, these babies hang in for the long haul. Check 'em out now at our easy-peasy CafePress shop. And while you're there, take a gander at all our radio-based fun stuff designed by me, Jeff K1NSS, the joker who draws art for shacks.

Do You Write Ham?

Besides designing QSLs and logos for some of the world's smoothest operators, we illustrate book covers for some of amateur radio's best-known authors, including NO NONSENSE! Study Guide guy Dan Romanchik KB6NU and Ward Silver NØAX.

Our rates are easily affordable even if you're new to publishing, and we'll work with you for a splashy original current look that you'll own outright, no fuss or muss.

Click our K1NSS Design Logo & Illustration page for more info. Plus we're always happy to field any questions about your project and how we might help you out.

What's it like to work up a cover with us? Ask those FB OPs!