Dawn of the PDHA

That's right, your Personal Digital Ham Assistant.

Call him BANDSPREAD. Go ahead, that's his name and you can't wear it out. The world's first PDHA is at your beck and callsign, a supersized stack of AI all ready to do what you don't wanna.

At last, no more tedious net check-ins, no more filling out QSL cards, no more trying to think of something to say besides "time to pull the big switch."

BANDSPREAD does it all.

That's right, BANDSPREAD will attend your local ham club meetings, bicker with everyone about everything, and sneak all the refreshments into a contractor-size trash bag and bring them back to your shack.

Imagine spending more time with stuff that really matters to you, or spend more time with your family if it comes to that.

BANDSPREAD is there, pursuing the hobby in your place, winning all the awards, homebrewing all the gear, pushing his way first in line when the hamfest opens so he can snap up all the bargains and be on his way back home before sunrise.

Runs forever on any baked good!

There's a lot of hams something like BANDSPREAD, but never before has so much ham been poured into a single AI Dogsbody completely as your disposal 24/7.


Because you've got better things to do.


Universal Vacuum Tube?

"One tube to replace them all!" exclaimed Deluxe Luxury Laboratories Chief R&D Officer Joe Bolton, urging DLL's legendary Boffin Brigade forward after initial experiments aboard the International Space Station suggested the entire universe could prove vacuum enough to remotely support any number of planetary devices. Industry insiders whisper that's equivalent to an infinite number of filaments, cathodes, grids, plates, and what-have-you, perhaps the biggest game-changer since General Electric's Compactron, kind of like a Breath Mint/Candy Mint with some other foolish mint in one stubby little envelope.

"This could mean no more trips to the drugstore for testing TV and radio tubes possibly on the fritz," imagi-freaking-neered Deluxe Luxury's Big Boffin .

"Of course, once our preliminary data pans out, scale-up would be surged to meet demand, estimated to exceed that for hot vinyl when Big Bands came back with a vengeance."

On the condition of anonymity, some guy identifying as American Drugstore Association spokesperson called DLL's announcement "Hasty, if not sheer pie in lower earth orbit," urging customers to remember that drugstore vacuum tube testing is free, in keeping with pharmacies' traditional Hippocratic credo of "Do no harm, test radio and TV tubes without charge, and make it up on vitamins, prescription drugs, over-the-counters and thumb drives because anyone who buys thumb drives in a drugstore is desperate, desperate we tell you."