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These Explain A Lot.

You might scratch your head and wonder just where the heck we're coming from.

Well, it's not pretty.

Between toy radio stations, Santa Claus stuck between Sten guns and specially-marked holiday cartons of cigarettes, and a little thing called the Cold War, that from which my imaginary radio playmate and I sprung is a raw Duck-and-Cover/Space Race/Fabulous Fifties/Soaring Sixties electromagnetic coming of age story.

Yeah, we're just a couple of Mid-Century Moderns who began smashing vacuum tubes with a claw hammer, became mired the quicksand of short wave radio and resigned ourselves to becoming kid hams for life.

Yet whatever your radio age, you might well find aspects of our story oddly resonant.

Because while technologies change, there's a timeless quality to the ham radio experience.

You know, like spending an eternity cooped-up in a little room all by yourself, hearing voices and tapping out messages to other inmates in the vast Devils' Island of our amateur spectrum.

Yeah, this sort of loose talk is not every operator's cup of tea.

But if your bourbon and branch might be a couple of graphic radio memoirs that make your heart feel like an alligator clip, then we invite you to belly-up and click here.

PS: FYI, a page from "Sky Buddies"

Alligator clip